About Us

Created by a desire of conscious living, Juice Budz is getting back to basics, serving up 100% raw, cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. With the belief that integrity should not sacrifice taste or time, we’re mixing up some bold recipes and delivering them to your door. Finally, a juice that’s both good to your body and friendly to your taste Budz.

Taste The Wellness

100% Cold-Pressed

What is Cold-Pressed?

Cold-pressed juice means that all measures have been taken to preserve the nutritional value of each fruit and vegetables. We could get all technical about it, but here’s the basics: your cold-pressed juice never undergoes any extreme conditions that could cause damage to its nutrients; it never heats up, doesn’t get chopped up by a mean blade, or is ever air blasted. When a juice goes through any of these cultures (like with typical centrifugal juicers), sensitive nutrients are lost and the juice must be drank right away to avoid an unpleasant, foamy taste. Cold-pressed juice truly is the purest and most integral way to get your “juice” on.